Not only has the Baldwin County Association of Realtors undergone a massive re-branding, they have appointed a new Board of Directors for the coming years. We are proud to have Shamrock Properties represented on the board and we are hopeful for what is to come with the organization. David Kahalley, President and Owner of Shamrock Properties, anticipates positive growth for the future of Baldwin Realtors. "At some point in every realtors career, I believe it's important to get involved in the governing of their association," Kahalley said.  
"It's time consuming; it'll pull one away from their day to day business, and the decisions that have to be made will not always be popular." According to Kahalley, "This is exactly why it's important to become a voice in the association."
With a diverse group coming from various backgrounds on the Board of Directors, we optimistically anticipate what's to come.